Peruvian Food Attractive and Delicious


Peru is one of the famous places in South America when it comes to food. It is because the country has diverse cuisine that represents the different regions.  Preparing the food is an integral part of its culture and the best way to show its identity.Visitors and travelers will surely enjoy the culinary treasures in each region that is worth trying for.  You can find various foods and dishes from numerous restaurants within Peru.

Peruvian food is the product of the unique fusion of different cuisines as influenced by different countries. Likewise, the unique landscapes and climates of Peru also contributed in enriching the ethnic diversity of foods.  Listed below are the foods and dishes that you can try once you travel to Peru.

Ø Appetizer and Starter – This is usually served before the main dish. However, Peruvian starters can be an ideal replacement to a full meal as it can be eaten as a snack or small lunch.

Ø Sandwiches – Sanguche is a kind of Peruvian sandwich but also a part of Peruvian gastronomy. They have separate sandwich serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The sandwiches come in different flavors and shapes that will not only attract your attention but also would satisfy your palate.

Ø Soups – It is said to have approximately 2000 soups in Peru. It reflects the rich biodiversity of this place and its geographical zones. Each region has been using their own ingredients in cooking distinct soups.

Ø Main Courses – Peruvian food is really unique as shown in the main courses that vary in colors and flavors that reflect the native heritage. Although they are using natural resources, yet they still incorporate foreign influences.

Ø Desserts – Peruvians love sweets, but when it comes to desserts Spanish influence has great equivalent.  They also use foreign cooking techniques in making their local sweets.

List of Peruvian Foods to Try

Ø Arroz Chaufa de Mariscos

Ø Lomo Saltado

Ø Jalea de Mariscos

Ø Sudado de Pescado

Ø Tallarin Verde con Bisteck

Ø Bisteck a la Plancha

Ø Bisteck Encebollado

Ø Arroz con Mariscos

Ø Cau Cau de Mariscos

Ø Arroz Chaufa de Pescado

Ø Jalea de Mariscos

Ø Pescado a lo Macho

Ø Corderoa la Norteña

Ø Arroz con Pato

Ø Tacu Tacu con Carne

Ø Bisteck a lo Pobre

Ø Arroz Chaufa de Vegetales

Ø Tallarin Saltado de Vegetales

Ø Saltado de Vegatales Tofu y Hongos

Peruvian Drink

Ø Chicha Morada

Ø Inca Kola

The diversity and uniqueness of Peruvian food makes it popular not only in the country but also to other countries. In fact, its popularity had reached some places in United States. It only shows that Peruvian foods are delicious and palatable.

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