The Evolution of Peruvian Cuisine

The Evolution of Peruvian Cuisine

Ceviche MixtoPeruvian cuisine is a fusion of different influences from different parts of the world.  However,the basic recipes in Peru were influenced by Italian, West African and Asiancuisines. What makes this cuisine popular and unique is the fresh ingredientsand good quality. Likewise, the Peruvians have amazing passion for food thatleads to culinary magic in every kitchen not only at home but also inrestaurants and streets.

Another thing that makes Peruvian cuisine remarkable is the diversity of ingredients and preparations. According to a chef in New York, it is one of the essential cuisines in Latin America that is competitive with French cuisine.  There is more to discover with this cuisine.

Culture and History of Peruvian Cuisine

The history of Peruvian cuisine started during the Inca’s period in which the main ingredients used are maize, potatoes and spices. When other settlers inhabited the country Peruvians learned to use and ass other ingredients in their recipes like vegetables, olives, fruits and many exotic ingredients.

Peruvian Cuisine –Different Classifications

Each region of the country had contributed their special tiesto comprise the diverse Peruvian cuisine.

Ø Coastal cuisine – The Spanish had largely influenced this type of cuisine. An example of this is the Ceviche that is very popular dish in the country.

Ø Central Coastal cuisine – This is also called as Lima cuisine in which it applies a cooking style known as Creole. Example of this Peruvian cuisine is the Arroz con Pollo, Papa Rellena and Sancochado.

Ø Northern Coastal Cuisine – This is a combination of Indian, Asian, African and Spanish influence.  The northern coastal region is geographically distant and climatically warmer that is why this cuisine is created uniquely. Examples of the popular dishes included in this cuisine include Shambar, Seco de Cabrito and Cebiche de Conchas Negras.

Ø The Andean Cuisine – This Peruvian cuisine comprises different dishes that include potatoes and variety of tubers. You can try Cuy Chactado, Rocoto Relleno and Olluquito con Charqui.

Ø Jungle Cuisine – The main ingredient of this cuisine is freshwater fish. It also includes meat of wild animals.

Cooking Methods

Peruvian cuisine is not only palatable but also visually appealing. The right proportion and choice of ingredients plays significant role in coming up with a perfect color and taste.  Likewise, each dish has different methods of preparation. Pots and non-stick pans are the commonly used in cooking the dishes.


Indeed,Peruvian cuisine is really diverse in terms of how other countries influenced it. Likewise, the uniqueness of preparation and the ingredients used make the dishes more delicious.

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